Training the Government Eye Health Workforce

There is a huge gap in demand and supply of the health and eye health services in India, especially North part of it. Shortage of eye health workers who have the requisite skills and knowledge to treat the patients at the basic level is one of the biggest barriers to improving access to quality eye health services. Gensis of the problem is mostly in uneven distribution of the trained personals. The government staffs posted in the rural areas have limited skills and knowledge. There is hardly any on the job training options available.

In this scenario is IGEHRC is pitching in with improving the eye health services in the rural areas through training the eye care providers in government and charitable set up. The trainings are done in collaboration with the government departments. The curriculum of the training is drawn from the gap analysis. Teaching the skills with practice and post training support ensures that the overall deliverable skills on the job are enhanced. The effort is in addition to the directly delivering the eye care services and supporting the better eye health system in the areas of need.