School Screening Programme

One of the major challenges faced by IGEHRC in paediatric eye care is that, due to lack of awareness on parents’ part, children are not brought in for treatment on time and delayed treatment can cause permanent damage to the eyes in children. To address this situation, IGEHRC has initiated a school screening programme under which schools in the city as well as remote areas are motivated to hold free eye check-up camps organised by IGEHRC. During the camps, all children in each school undergo preliminary vision testing, preliminary diagnostic examination, refraction and examination by the doctor/optometrist. Parents of children who require further treatment are counselled and treatment provided to children. An important aspect of this programme is sensitisation of teachers as well as parents to eye care.


Six school screening camps have been held so far - 3,960 children checked; 790 referred to the hospitals for treatment; and over 37 teachers trained in detection of eye problems. One of the positive outcomes of this programme has been that parents and teachers have been sensitised to the need for early treatment of children as well as to the importance of their eye care.