Outreach Programme

A key part of the IGEHRC agenda is world class services to all even to the underprivileged sections of society. It has a comprehensive and structured community outreach programme through which regular screening camps are held in rural areas to identify patients requiring further care. These screening camps are aimed at identifying people who can not reach the eye hospitals and need eye care for treating eye problems like cataract, refractive error, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy or corneal scar/diseases, among others. These patients are transported to and fro to IGEHRC at the hospital’s expense for appropriate treatment. The team works closely with local community leaders and service groups to organize the camps. The outreach activities are unique in the service areas of IGEHRC hospitals for the methodical nature of screening at the camps, subsidized surgery, and transport to the base hospital on the day of the camp itself
Each outreach eye camp follows a well-established procedure:
  • The camp sponsor is responsible for publicity/promotion of the camp-through word of mouth, poster/banners, loudspeakers, volunteers-in nearby villages and remote areas to ensure that the community is informed of the date and venue of the camp. The space, furniture, and basic organisation are also the responsibility of the sponsor.
  • IGEHRC sends 10 personnel to each camp including a doctor, paramedical and administrative staff which is aided by the local volunteers.
  • The patient flow followed at each camp is: patient registration, preliminary vision testing, preliminary diagnostic examination, intraocular pressure and tear duct function test, refraction, final examination by the doctor, and patient counselling and admission of people who need further attention.
  • Transportation of the admitted patients to either IGEHRC Lucknow or Amethi in the hospital vehicle for treatment
  • Treatment at the hospital and transportation of patients back home
  • Review of treated patients at the next camp held at the same location



Number of camps organised


Number of patients treated


Number of surgeries performed