Making a Difference

Five-year-old Mohsina, daughter of a wage labourer in Mewat, lost her vision at the age of two-and-a-half to cataract in both eyes. She kept bumping into things and held her head at an odd angle. She was put into school but had to be taken out because the teacher complained about her. Her grandmother, Sitara, took her to various hospitals but with limited resources at her disposal could not get very far in identifying Mohsina’s problem.

Then Sitara heard about the IGEHRC outreach camp being held in their village Ghaseda. She immediately decided to take Mohsina there. Here she learned that the little girl was suffering from a sight problem and that she needed to be operated on both eyes. Mohsina was brought to the Sohna hospital and date for surgery was fixed immediately. Within eight days, both her eyes had been operated.
Mohsina is now a different girl altogether. Playful as any other five-year-old, it is difficult to find her at home these days. Sitara has enrolled her school again.