Ram Shiromani had the option

Ram Shiromani a power loom worker has come on vacation to his home when he had serious eye injury while fixing window at his home. While assisting the carpenter, shrapnel injured the left eye of Shiromani.

Ram Shriomani is 35 year old is the only earning member of the family of six, his wife, three daughters and a younger son . Just managing to meet the expenses of running the family he had the psychological trauma of having to shell out precious little savings for the treatment, in addition to the physical pain he was experiencing. Thankfully, as other residents of the area he knew about Amethi Hospital of IGHERC.

When he reported to the hospital, he had no vision in the effected eye. he needed complicated emergency surgery. He was operated first thing in the morning. After going through regular follow up his eye has got its vision back. Even most of the subsidised charges were waived off. Shortly all his medication will also stop and the he will be able to join back his work.

Illness and health care is one of the main causes of entrapment in debt. Thankfully Shiromani was not one such.