Asma Bano – Cataract

Asma Bano is 45 years old living in remote village of Jagsihpur Block in district Amethi. Family consists of her husband and two sons. Being a part of the family of marginal farmer, the focus is on sustenance and health care take a back seat. It was natural then that she had the continuous complaint of diminishing sight but the family members did not have time to take her to the hospital.

In this scenario the field worker from IGEHRC Amethi hospital came to her home during house to hose survey. The filed examination indicated that she had Cataract. Asma was referred to the camp scheduled in her nearby village. In the camp she was explained about the Cataract and the modalities of treatment.

As advised she was brought to the hospital in hospital vehicle for the Cataract surgery. she was operated for the Cataract in the left eye. the quality of vision immediately improved. The enhanced vision is now cause of more confident and involved Asma.

The Cataract surgery for her was not just a treatment for ailment but the whole process left made her more empowered, having better quality of life.