Asma Bano – Cataract

Devgaon Maitha is a remote village of district with no public transport connectivity. Ratipal a 60 year old small farmer of this village was feeling his sight getting reduced. This went on month on month for a year. By now the reduced sight of Ratipal was even his routine work. His sons had their own priorities and Ratipal was left to himself for taking care of his personnel work. He was forced to take the help of the neighbors.

This was the time when the fellow villageman told Ratipal about IGEHRC Amethi. He was advised to visit a nearby camp organized by IGEHRC. Ratipal’s sight was one tenth of the normal sight. The surgery was conducted when he was brought to the hospital. He still smiles when me describes all the facilities and care he got in the hospital. The black glasses prescribed for shor period after the surgery can not hide the joy he have of regaining the life. Dependence for him is now a thing of past and future is much more clearly visible