Reaching the Unreached

Rounak is the five-year-old son of a daily wage worker Raju Verma from village Patwara, Raebareli. Youngest among three siblings, Raunak slowly began losing sight. The problem came to light when Raunak began stumbling against objects and stopped playing with his cohorts in the village. He was developing cataract in the both his eyes. Barely managing to feed the family of five, shelling out a small fortune for Raunak’s eye surgery was simply not possible for Raju. There was nothing they could do but ‘suffer their fate’.

A local social worker involved in helping IGEHRC organize rural eye camps noticed Raunak. He sent the boy to the nearest eye camp at Salon. The boy was referred to IGEHRC Lucknow, which routinely deals with complicated paediatric surgeries. After complete examination and preparations for surgery, Raunak’s right eye was operated upon. Shortly Rounak’s other eye also was operated upon. With his sight fully restored, Rounak become a live wire again and began to play with other children. It wasn’t fate after all, but the outreach and subsidized care provided by IGEHRC that rescued the five year old Raunak from a life in darkness.