Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Centre
Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Centre
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Clinical, paramedical and administrative staff is an invaluable asset of the IGEHRC hospitals, and their learning and training at every level plays an important role in achieving service excellence. A significant aspect of IGEHRC quality eye care is based on the state-of-the-art equipment that is used at the hospitals to enhance the expertise of doctors and staff. In a scenario where technology upgrades and changes almost from day to day, IGEHRC hospitals ensure that their doctors keep abreast of the latest technical developments in eye care worldwide and that this technology becomes available at the hospitals as soon as possible. Adaption to technology changes is facilitated through retraining and training of the doctors and all staff continuously.

Continuous Medical Education (CME) sessions, where outside faculty is invited to talk about cases and the latest developments in eye care, are held through the year and attended by doctors as well as Ophthalmic Assistants (OAs).