Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Centre
Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Centre
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A total of 973 camps have been held since inception till March 2010 by both hospitals. A huge volume of patients is handled by the camps, ranging from 400-500 to 1,000 people per camp with 75-100 to 300-350 patients being referred for treatment.

Over the years, the impact has been tremendous, and a perceptible difference has been observed. In the initial years, a large number of patients who came to the camps had been operated elsewhere and had had their eyesight damaged through inexpert treatment. A high percentage of patients also came with mature cataract, because they had no recourse to eye care. Today, the percentage of patients with eye damage through inexpert treatment or mature cataracts has dropped substantially due to the reach of the camps and improved awareness levels of the community. Health-seeking behaviour of the community has improved: the number of villagers who earlier waited for their cataracts to mature or ripen before seeking treatment has decreased substantially, patients with minor aberrations in the eye sight are coming to the camps to seek solutions.

Another obvious change has been the breakdown of myths and misconceptions related to eye care: earlier people in villages believed that eye operations should only be carried out in the winters because during summer an operation would have adverse effects or they would not be able to care for their eyes. Today, the camps are busy right through the year, with a minor drop in the number of people coming to the camps in the summer.

  IGEHRC Lucknow  IGEHRC Amethi Grand Total
2008 2009 2010 (up to March) Total 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 (up to March) Total
Camp Surgery 5,669 6,961 2,629 15,259 6,017 8,575 8,662 10,464 2,413 36,131 51,964
Camps Held 74 147 75 296 135 150 147 191 69 692 996
Patient Examined by Camp 14,592 29,296 8,755 52,643 23,749 31,157 25,486 39,158 11,357 130,907 1,84,404