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Success Stories

When their third child, a girl, was born to Murli and Sheela in 2008, they were frightened and very worried. The child’s irises and pupils were completely opaque, and light blue in colour. The nurse at the general hospital where she was born advised the parents to consult an eye specialist. Murli, a resident of Sultanpur city and a drain repair worker by profession, then took his daughter to two well-known private practitioners, both of whom told him that treatment was not possible and that his best chance might be to go to Delhi and find out if the child could be treated. Then Murli and Sheela brought their daughter to IGEHRC Amethi. After preliminary investigation, they were referred to IGEHRC Lucknow, to Dr Kuldeep Srivastava. “Doctor sahib check the child, said that she could be treated and then told us to return after a week,” says Murli.

Investigations and diagnosis proved that the child had congenital glaucoma, a relatively rare disorder that afflicts one in 30-40,000 children. “One eye was very badly scarred, and the other one was a little better,” says Dr Srivastava. “I decided to operate immediately – one eye was operated when the baby was 23 days old and the next one a week later. She has regained sight in one eye. The glaucoma was so advanced that had we not operated when we did, she would have lost both her eyes.”

Today, the one-and-a-half-year-old Anchal leads a near-normal life, and her parents are happy that she can see – put an object in front of her and she will make a grab for it just like any other child. Anchal still goes back to Dr Srivastava for check-ups every three or six months.

E. Ghosh, Lalbagh

Mrs Ghosh, a primary school teacher from Lalbagh, had been having a problem with her vision for the last 10 years, and this was affecting her work adversely. Over the years, she visited several hospitals and eye specialists, but to no avail. The right eye had become cloudy over the years but what was worrying her that the left eye, with which she had been doing all her work, also lost its vision. In the end, she had to take leave from school on medical grounds, because she was unable to read. Just then, her husband suggested that they go to IGEHRC Lucknow.

“When I came here, I was impressed by the cleanliness, and the compassion that all the staff showed,” says Mrs Ghosh. Her right eye was checked first by Dr Ankit Avasthi of the Vitreo-Retina clinic, and after medication the vision improved. Then she was directed to Dr Ashutosh Khandelwal, who advised that she should go in for surgery for the left eye. “She was having recurrent attacks of uveitis, swelling in the iris of the eye was causing the iris to stick to the lens. When the inflammation occurs, it goes down with medication, but in the long run the iris sticks to the lens which is developing cataract. Her case was complicated because the pupil was not dilating due to recurrent attacks of uveitis – dilation is required for cataract surgery. We did a retina ultrasound and found that her sight could be restored,” says Dr Khandelwal. “We operated and her vision has gone from zero to almost 100 in the left eye. She is also diabetic and there was a swelling in the retina of her right eye; partial vision had returned to that eye after medication and control of diabetes.”

For Mrs Ghosh, the year 2010 had brought her the gift of sight – she was operated on December 30, 2009 and her vision retuned on New Year’s Day. “I am so thankful for the care and concern that was shown in this hospital and I bless all the doctors and the staff here for giving me my sight back,” smiles Mrs Ghosh.

Satyawati Srivastava, Lucknow

Eighty-year-old housewife, Mrs Srivastava had lost hope completely. For the last 15 years, she had visited numerous hospitals and eye specialists only to be told that she could be operated but the chances of vision returning to her eyes were very slim. As a result, she had become almost completely blind for the last 15 years. Finally, she heard of an eye camp that had been organised in Bakhtiar Nagar and went there. The lady doctor there assured her that her sight would return on operation. She was referred to IGEHRC Lucknow, where she was operated in August 2008 and now can see perfectly well.

Dr Kuldeep Srivastava, who operated on her, says, “She was suffering from a complicated type of cataract and the lens was not stable – it was shaky. Besides, it was so dense that we were unable to see inside the eye. The chances of complication were high, and that of success low because of her age. But we operated and now her vision is almost 100 percent.” Mrs Srivastava is really grateful to IGEHRC Lucknow and its staff: “I have two grand children but I could not see them – I had to feel them to know whether they were thin or fat. I had to ask other people whether they were fair or dark. Now I can cut vegetables, clean the wheat and daal, do all the household chores and look after my grand children. My youth has returned!”

Ayushi Pandey, Lucknow

Fifteen-year-old Ayushi Pandey had a problem with her eyes since childhood – they would keep watering. She had them checked and they seemed to improve with medication. Two years ago they started watering again; this time the doctor she went to prescribed spectacles. Then she hurt her left eye and came to IGEHRC Lucknow, where she was diagnosed with glaucoma. “She came to us with an injury in the left eye, but her nerves showed that she had advanced glaucoma damage. Further investigations showed that pressure in both eyes was very high, up to 60 mm mercury and that her field of vision had really narrowed down,” says Dr Monika Gupta, who treated Ayushi. “Now the pressures are controlled on medication, and have come down to 12 mm mercury. We will follow her up and if there is further damage we will go for surgery. She was difficult to counsel because she felt that the ailment was not interfering with her studies; that is because glaucoma does not damage central vision. But now she is convinced and is taking regular medication.”

Ayushi also now agrees that her vision has improved and that is helping with her studies. She intends to complete her treatment at IGEHRC Lucknow.